Sonatina for Ishtar: an utamacross lookbook

designed and drawn by NAAN

SONATINA FOR ISHTAR is a FREE lookbook dedicated to the crossover between the mobile game, Uta Macross, and Macross II's Ishtar.


Full-color, 40 pages, two PDFs (pages and spreads, respectively) downloads, 12KB each.

Colors presented here may not be the same in the file.
CMYK to RGB conversion got weird here. Apologies.

Download it for free at these fine services:


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As an Uta Macross player, there were some singers that I'd hoped would make it into the game someday. One of those was Ishtar from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: LOVERS AGAIN. In 2019, after a year and a half of playing, I decided to create a (fan) fashion catalog of possible costumes and hypothetical events associated with the costumes. This book contains three years of work and has debuted on May 28th, 2022.


This book is FREE to download. This is because it's fanart and I generally don't feel comfortable charging for fanart. Therefore, it's free! Download from any of the following sites to your heart's content:



"Why are you giving this away for free?!"

I told you up there. Sorry, no ulterior motive here.

"Haha, thanks, sucker! I won't say no to free stuff!"

Okay, buddy. Enjoy.

"Hey, you didn't do [insert costume set]! What gives?!

I explained it in the afterword but in order to at least post this PDF in the month of MII's debut (May), I decided to release this without the complete set of costumes. The missing (planned) costumes are:

"Hey, I caught one of your Macross Month livestreams and saw plate art. Where is it?"

Same reasoning as above: I ran out of time. But as I explained in the afterword, if I ever print this book in a limited run, I plan to add the rest of the costumes and all the plate art related. That way, folks can feel that the book is worth their time.

"What in the world was so important, you couldn't work on the above?"

A paying job <3

"I feel really bad getting this for free. Can't I tip you?

Please don't feel bad for my decision! However, if you really want to help me, you can tip me through the itchio page when you go to download it. I'll put that money apart for the printing fund.

But seriously, don't worry.

"You just said above that the book is for free because you hate charging for fanart! So why would you charge for the print book?"

Blame capitalism.

In all seriousness, a digital download only affects kilobytes and carbon footprints, not dead trees and my wallet. No need to overcharge for a download, especially when it's not my IP.

Printing, meanwhile, cost money but I'd only charge shipping if I ever do make a limited (keyword limited) print run. Sounds fair, no?

"What do we do if we have a question you haven't thought of?"

Email me at naan AT jadinerhinestudios DOT com or DM me over on twitter!